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I L  C A P I T A N O


These passed few months been like a dream. Always wanted but didn't know where to get them or did I have enough money to pay for it. In all the places I've been. And to think in my own hometown. One day I go into a thrift shop with my mother. Both of us looking around. We had nothing to do. I've been there so many times it felt like a blur. But today was different. How ironic right. Myself just looking around if I find anything good. But then I look to a distance to see a book shelve. It was taller then me and a bit wide. Just thinking their books but I look better to find out its fucking vinyl records. I couldn't fucking believe it. I finally find some. I run toward it like being last or second would be wrong. I was so happy. Looking at all of them. Picking out the one I want. Then a thought came through my head. A very negative one. Can I even afford it? It's a damn thrift shop. There's no way it can cost more than ten dollars. A dollar or five dollars doesn't seem so bad. They didn't have a price tag so when I check out I guess I'll find out. The price shouldn't be a issue right now. I can't kill my vibe. Back to the record I want. Looking from top to bottom shelve. To my surprise I find a Dean Martin record. There's no way something like this should even been here. I felt lucky. I must had it. Feeling so happy while walking toward the cashier counter. Hoping I can afford it. The nice lady rings me up. When she told me the price I couldn't believe it. The record was in good shape. The cover was not badly damaged. That price is a steal. In my head I'm thinking shit I ain't complaining with that price. So I paid the lady. Thirty-three cents. My mother looking at me like I was crazy. I told her everything. She laughed but was happy for me. Never under estimate thrift shops. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song thrift shop sums it all up. Being used, old or cheap it shouldn't be negative or shameful. But a bargain. Never be ashame going to places like that because if you love old vintage stuff or old Hollywood you will love those places. As a big fan of old Hollywood, 50s and 60s I don't care where I get it but lucky to have it. Found this place where they sell vintage postcards for ten cents. I'm thankful to like vintage stuff and shops that provide those things. - mari