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I L  C A P I T A N O

the definition of freedom

A deep need to escape. To be far away from here. A chance that you won't think twice. You see it everywhere a way to leave. Driving. Walking. Some how being in a different state would be better. Another country sounds to good to be true. Well anywhere is better. Seeing people and thinking if there leaving to another town or state. And when you are in another place it doesn't fill your empty space. A space so vile you need it disappear. Some how you know why you are staying. Standing in the way of your freedom. Its disgusting. To make everything better is leaving. Staying doesn't change anything. Nothing will change it. Not you. Nobody. It's un fixable. You never thought it would be this way. Or be your future. Understand that it's not your problem anymore. It's unsafe to stay. You can't save it from its destruction. You can't make it happy. You are not happy.