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I L  C A P I T A N O

Game of FIFA(who shall not qualify)

Brasil is coming.
It is known.

Okay. No more GOT lines. So... World Cup qualification was last week. National teams making sure to qualify. Favorite national teams doesn't mean you can slack off and think you'll win. Great example Mexico. You must give your everything. The World Cup is a big stage for your country and maybe your players might get signed by a big team. To achieve greatness some players think for themselves and not the team. That mentality weakness the team. There's no short cuts neither. Gossip media hurts the team. Ask England. I would like to think Brasil will be better than the previous World Cups but you never know. New players make a big name for themselves and already famous players well do what you are good at. CR and Messi fail to achieve last World Cup. Good luck to all the country's. May all the players succeed. - Maria S.